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Accessible Holidays In Africa

Spanning more than 50 countries and encompassing a bewildering array of cultures, histories and people, Africa is a beautifully diverse continent. Join Limitless in exploring some of its most popular holiday hotspots.

Perhaps the world’s greatest destination for nature lovers, there’s also plenty to explore in Africa’s vibrant and exciting cities and more than a few fantastic beaches to kick back and relax on. From the medinas of the north to the wild waters of the Cape of Good Hope, there are lifetimes of exploring to be had on this expansive continent.


Enchanted Morocco

From the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert, get ready to explore the best of enchanting Morocco.


8 days

Cape Town South Africa

Grand Safari Durban and Cape Town

Get up close and personal with the Big Five! This accessible South African safari is the adventure of a lifetime.


15 days

South Africa

South African Safari

Welcome to the land of giants! Get up close and personal with the big 5 on this fully accessible safari holiday.


12 days

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