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Accessible Holidays In Morocco

Follow your nose through bustling medinas, discover the mountain valleys and soaring peaks of the High Atlas and immerse yourself in Arabic and Berber history when you visit irrepressibly atmospheric Morocco.

While the bustling streets of Marrakech capture the imagination of every visitor that makes their way through the labyrinth souks, towards Djemaa El Fna square, there’s plenty to see and do outside of the Red City, too. The Atlas Mountains constitute one of northern Africa’s most spectacular natural landscapes, while the rock homes and lush vegetation of the Zat Valley are typical of the country’s quieter rural reaches.


Enchanted Morocco

From the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert, get ready to explore the best of enchanting Morocco.


8 days

Disabled Holidays in Morocco

Do you feature disabled holidays in Morocco?

Limitless Travel is an accessible travel provider that's proud to offer disabled friendly tours to destinations around the world, including Morocco. This beautiful country is the gateway to Africa, a travel destination draped in mythical, colourful and otherworldly magic.

A traveller’s dream, where you'll find epic mountain ranges, ancient cities, sweeping deserts and a mix of medieval old world and new age culture. With accessible transportation and accommodation, we can take care of all aspects of your disabled holiday in Morocco, including holiday care for those with a disability.

Do you use disabled friendly transport in Morocco?

Disabled holidays in Morocco are easily accessible with our disabled friendly coach transportation. On the transfer to our disabled friendly Moroccan hotel, travellers will get to know their holiday care staff, safe in the knowledge that their special assistance needs throughout the holiday will be met by qualified care experts.

Getting around on our tour is easy, as we have factored in wheelchair accessible coach transport throughout the itinerary on our disabled holiday in Morocco.

Will we be staying in wheelchair accessible accommodation in Morocco?

Our fantastic wheelchair accessible accommodation in Morocco is designed to meet the needs of travellers with a disability. All accommodation is equipped with roll-in showers, accessible swimming pools and wet room bathrooms, so travellers who require special assistance holidays and holiday care can be taken care of in comfort. 

Wheelchair accessible throughout, travellers are sure to find our hotels for disabled travellers the perfect base for their holiday.

Are the itineraries and activities accessible on your disabled holidays in Morocco??

To make our disabled holidays extra special, our research team have visited Morocco to create a fully disabled friendly holiday itinerary for our tour abroad. Travellers can enjoy guided tours of Marrakech, visits to the Atlas Mountains, relaxing massages and much more.

Here's a quick look at what we'll be getting up to:

- Accessible transfers from Marrakesh Menara airport

- Guided tour of Marrakech, includes stops at Jemaa El-Fnaa Square and the Majorelle Gardens

- Visit Atlas mountain which is located within the Maghreb

- Explore the Berber Villages, Imlil and Asni

- Tours of Zat Valley and a traditional market or ‘Souk’ as they are locally referred to in Tighdouine

- Adapted carriage ride to Medina, a beautiful citadel

- Visits to Bahia Palace and Le Jardin Secret, both of which are amazing pieces of architecture with ornate courtyards, mosaics and gardens

- Traditional Hamman black soap scrubs and massages

How do I book Limitless accessible holidays in Morocco?

Accessible Moroccan holidays with special assistance are easy to book with Limitless Travel. Simply call one of our specialist travel advisors, who will be happy to tell you more about our fantastic holidays.

All you need to do is choose a date, let us know of any special assistance or mobility equipment you might need, and then you can relax and start looking forward to your European disabled holiday! Our care packages have been designed to ensure that all of our disabled holidays meet the needs of our travellers.

Talk to our Care Manager today to find out morel. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours soon. If you fancy something a little closer to home, we’ve got plenty of UK tours whose destinations include Devon and Blackpool.

What are some accessible accommodations for disabled travellers in Morocco?

What are some accessible accommodations for disabled travellers in Morocco?

Morocco has several accommodations offering facilities and services designed for disabled travellers. 

In Marrakech, the Four Seasons Resort offers accessible rooms with roll-in showers, visual alarms, and wheelchair access. Essaouira's Sofitel Mogador offers similar facilities, including lifts and specially adapted rooms for wheelchair users. 

Casablanca’s Kenzi Tower Hotel features accessible public areas and rooms with aids for those with hearing and vision impairments. 

Also, Riad Fes in Fez provides rooms with wide doorways and sufficient turning space for wheelchair users. 

The Limitless team will be on hand to help you with any accessibility queries and will ensure you have an incredibly smooth and relaxing experience. 

Are there any wheelchair-friendly tourist attractions in Morocco?

Yes, Morocco has various attractions that are accessible to wheelchair users. Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, with its wheelchair-friendly paths, offers an accessible haven of tranquillity. 

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims and has facilities for wheelchair users. Marrakech's Jardin Secret has most of its garden and some parts of the palace accessible by wheelchair. Similarly, Bahia Palace offers limited accessibility.

With Limitless, you will only be going to tourist attractions that have made all the preparations necessary for your trip. 

Limitless can offer an itinerary of the available options and will phone ahead in advance for you. 

What are the transportation options for disabled travellers in Morocco?

Transportation in Morocco offers several options for disabled travellers. Most modern trains in Morocco, such as those operated by ONCF, provide facilities for disabled passengers, including wheelchair lifts and accessible toilets. 

Marrakech's Menara Airport is equipped with facilities like ramps, adapted restrooms, and assistance services for people with disabilities. 

In terms of local transport, accessible options may vary, however Limitless is always on hand to ensure you have a smooth, relaxing holiday and have planned each one of our packages to be fully accessible for disabled people. 

How can disabled travellers navigate the uneven terrain and narrow streets of Moroccan cities?

As part of the Limitless itinerary you will only be visiting locations that are fully-disabled accessible, to ensure you enjoy the most comfortable trip possible. 

However, using a sturdy manual wheelchair or a power chair with good outdoor capabilities can help negotiate rough surfaces. Compact, portable ramps can help with occasional steps or curbs. 

For longer distances, pre-booked taxis or private cars can transport you door-to-door. 

Remember, local culture is very helpful and people will often offer assistance if they see you struggling with the terrain.

Limitless is here to help with all of this, and are always on hand to help with any queries, both before and during your trip.

What should disabled travellers pack when visiting Morocco?

Limitless will be able to provide much of the items needed for disabled travel, and are always available to help arrange a hiring of any necessary accessibility items. 

Generally, it makes sense to bring a small portable ramp for navigating steps, spare parts, and a repair kit for your mobility device, any prescription medications in their original containers, along with a letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition and treatment. 

Other useful items include sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and loose, modest clothing suitable for the local culture and climate. 

Limitless will be able to help provide all of these items if you don’t have any or forget to bring them!

Are there any specific cultural considerations that disabled travellers should be aware of in Morocco?

In Morocco, the culture is steeped in hospitality and respect, and this often extends to people with disabilities. 

However, it's important to be aware that accessibility is not as widely recognized or implemented as in some Western countries. 

The concept of personal space might differ too, with locals often offering unsolicited help to people with disabilities, meaning well but possibly crossing personal boundaries by Western standards. Modesty is valued in Moroccan culture, so both men and women should dress appropriately, covering at least from the shoulders to the knees. 

What resources are available for disabled travellers in Morocco?

There are several resources available to assist disabled travellers in Morocco. Limitless specialise in organising trips for people with disabilities and can provide tailored itineraries, transportation, and accommodation options. 

Some hotels and tourist attractions offer accessibility features like wheelchair ramps, elevators, and adapted restrooms. Local tourism boards can provide information about accessible attractions and amenities. ONCF, the national railway operator, offers accessible train travel. 

Many private taxi companies provide pre-bookable accessible vehicles. Local non-profit organisations can also provide assistance and advice. Online resources, such as accessibility-focused travel blogs and websites, can offer valuable first-hand insights. 

Are there any special permits or documents required for disabled travellers to visit Morocco?

There are no special permits required specifically for disabled travellers visiting Morocco. However, like all foreign visitors, you will need a valid passport that is valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date. If you're travelling with medication, it's advised to carry a letter from your doctor detailing your medical condition, the medication prescribed, and its necessity. This is especially important if the medication contains narcotic or psychoactive substances, which are heavily regulated. 

Limitless will provide resources for all of this information, and will let you know exactly what you need to bring.T

How can disabled travellers communicate with locals in Morocco if they have limited mobility or speech?

Limitless will be able to provide constant support when it comes to interacting with locals, and can even offer you a disabled-friendly tour guide who can speak multiple languages. 

Additionally, simple gestures, facial expressions, and pointing can convey a lot of information. It can be beneficial to travel with a companion who understands your communication needs, and can assist in interacting with locals. 

Finally, Moroccans are generally known for their hospitality and patience, so don't be afraid to take your time in communicating your needs.

Don’t be afraid to contact Limitless with any queries or questions about communicating in Morocco, as we will absolutely be able to offer a helping hand.

What should disabled travellers know about medical services and emergency response in Morocco?

In Morocco, larger cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, and Rabat have hospitals and clinics that offer a decent standard of care, with some English-speaking staff. 

The Limitless team will inform you of nearby medical facilities at your destination and along your travel route. 

Emergency response can be prompt in urban areas, but may be slower in remote regions. The nationwide emergency number is 15.

In an emergency situation, the Limitless team will always be on hand to help, regardless of the situation. 

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